Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh no, he didn't!

Showing that this blog reviews a wide variety of movies, I'd like to tackle the new romantic comedy Something New.

"Why," you scream, rolling your eyes. "What would inspire you to see that?" Very simple, friends. I have a lady. She likes romantic comedies. She likes "urban" movies. She doesn't believe in Valentine's Day which is a plus in my book, so when she wants to go see a movie, I like to oblige and take her.

While this movie certainly isn't for everyone, here are some interesting points:

1) It has a very interesting style of shooting which evokes Soderbergh. Stop rolling your eyes, I mean it. Interesting cuts highlighting actors reactions, a distinct hue similar to the Detroit section of Out of Sight.

2) It's funny, without being over the top funny. They don't comment on why four sistas are discussing men while sitting in a rabbi's office. The actors don't mug the comic moments, and even Donald Faison tones it down a bit (just a bit) from his role on Scrubs.

3) In the most random bit of casting, the white dude's father is played by John Ratzenberger.

What makes this so random? It's a non-speaking part. Cliff Claven is an extra! What is this world coming to? I would understand if it was Karla or that weird guy with the big head and the glasses that sits at the bar and gets one line every six or seven episodes, but Cliffy? Say it ain't so.

But I digress. In closing, I've seen worse movies in the theater this year...and yes, I mean 2006.


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