Friday, February 03, 2006

There can be only...two?

Aha! The writing team of "All things Goldberg, and beyond!" has officially doubled. That's right, I'm on board, injecting much-needed drama and an East Coast/West Coast Goldberg rivalry the world has been craving.

And in honor of my arrival on this blog, here's a creepy brother photo:

There's room for one more!

One of my favorite things L.A. has that New York doesn't is outdoor bars. Who doesn't like drinking in bed? I can't think of a better way to start the day.

Actually, New York is finally catching on to the rooftop bar craze, only we are limited to a few months of the year...the winter is too cold, and the summer smells too much of urine. Human urine.

But enough about bars...back to movie reviews. I actually haven't seen any in the past few weeks and since I have a memory like a goldfish, I can't offer any insight to past films since I don't remember them. I have seen all the Oscar nominees for best picture, though. I think it would be compelling television to have representatives from the Best Picture nominee Munich rumble onstage with reps from Best Foreign Film nominee Paradise Now. Since so many problems are solved (and created) by reality television, maybe a 20 minute Oscar segment could make great strides in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If it happens, remember this post and nominate yours truly for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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