Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tony Scott's Bones

Tony Scott's work on "Domino" firmly places him smack in the middle of a cinematic line between Oliver Stone and Michael Bay. That might be right up somebody's alley, but I mean that he draws from the stylistic cliches of both. This movie is half baked and spends a REALLY LONG TIME going over very little plot. Even the action sequences themselves get boring by the final climax. I think Kiera Knightly has nothing to work with in this script, and just sort of poses and flounders. Mickey Rourke is the only one able to have fun with his underwritten part, but he unfortunately fades away from the script as it progresses. This movie does earn comparisons to "True Romance", except without the strong plot, well-written characters, and style that serves the story well.


Anonymous Silver Fox said...

I like your analysis of Domino. What do you think about The Last Boy Scout, given that that is Tony Scott meets Shane Black?

1:45 PM  
Blogger Sam Goldberg said...

You know, I should watch that again. I barely remember "The Last Boy Scout", except for the opening sequence where I think a kick returner pulls out a gun and shoots the opposing players. It was ridiculous, but not boring. I think that is how I felt about the whole movie. Did you like it?

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Silver Foxx said...

"The Last Boy Scout" was great. Probably the best work by either Scott or Black. It features the only decent performance by Damon Wayans too, proving he once had Jamie Foxx potential.

12:49 PM  

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