Friday, November 03, 2006

Springtime For Hasselhoff

Following a year of personal-life meltdown, I was pleased to see that the Hoff's career is back on the upswing. When you think about it, the casting perfectly brings together all the things that define Hasselhoff: music, Germany, demonic evil. If only Mel Brooks can work in some green screen somewhere...

From IMDB:
Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is returning to the stage to play a bumbling director in the upcoming Las Vegas production of comedy musical The Producers. The actor will play flamboyant Roger De Bris in the new stage show, which is set to hit the city's Paris hotel and casino next year. Hasselhoff and show creator Mel Brooks made the shock announcement at a press conference yesterday morning, with funnyman Brooks insisting the actor was a perfect fit for the new production. Brooks said, "He has incredible comedic timing, terrific musical theatre experience and stage presence and he will be a perfect marriage with the role. And by the way, he has great legs." Hasselhoff stated, "I'm honored to be a part of anything Mel Brooks is a part of. He has always been my favorite man of comedy. He is a giant and it is a dream come true to be part of one of the greatest Broadway musicals in theatre history."


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