Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Real Time" and the need for Democrats to wake up!

Bill Maher’s show on Friday addressed the issue of why I think so many Democrats are frustrated with their own party. As Rahm Emanuel demonstrates, he and many other Democrats are allowing the President and the Republicans to set the parameters of the debate on funding the Iraq war, and subsquently use Republican logic to define patriotism and supporting the troops. Rep. Emanuel says that Bush’s budget requests must be met in order to give the soldiers the best technology to protect themselves, when Michael Dyson and Bill Maher point out that the best way to protect the troops would be to get them out of Iraq. I love Dyson’s statement that “going to the mat” for the soldiers is not to pass all budget requests, but to make the bolder move of truly challenging the President. Rahm Emanuel also says early on in this clip that what the country really needs is a new President, which I think leads to the question Bill Maher later raises and what most Democratic supporters fear most: the Democrats are not truly challenging the President because the unpopularity of the war will mean more votes in ’08, while too many lives are lost in the meantime.

The segment I am writing about begins around the second minute of this clip…


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