Thursday, February 16, 2006

Update from our Vegas Correspondent

The following was overheard by our ATG&B man in the field, on his recent undercover assignment in Las Vegas...

Location - Bathroom at the Wynn
Drunk Man (standing at the urinal, speaking into cell phone):
"Hi Dad. Yeah, I'm on the 5. I just left San Jose. No, there's no one
else in the car. Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock."

Location - A bar at the Monte Carlo
Woman, to her boyfriend:
"If I'm gonna have to call my mom and say 'Hi Mom. No, I'm not at work, I'm in Vegas and I just got married,' then the least you can do is take a fuckin' shot with me."

Location - A bar at the Mirage (Sunday morning, 10:00am)
Prostitute, to Chad:
"Wanna get naked and have some fun?"


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